Intel N100 and RTX 3090 Now Available

Two new dedicated server configurations are available to order:

Intel N100 16GB RAM 500GB SSD order here

RTX 3090 16GB-128GB RAM 500GB-2TB SSD configure and order here

29th Nov 2023
Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

We will be performing maintanence on 2023-07-21 and 2023-07-28 at 09:00AM to upgrade the network and power systems. View the status here:

11th Jul 2023
Introducing Diablo IV GPU

Introducing Diablo IV, a service designed for running Diablo IV 24/7. Each plan includes both Diablo IV preinstalled, 4 cpu cores, 8 GB RAM and 99% Uptime Guarantee starting from $29.99/month order here


12th Jun 2023
Introducing Ark GPU

Introducing Ark GPU, a service designed for streaming tribe logs and running the gacha in Ark: Survival Evolved. Each plan includes both Steam and Epic, tribe log bot and gacha bot preinstalled, 4 cpu cores, 12 GB RAM and 99% Uptime Guarantee starting from $39.99/month order here


13th Mar 2023
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